Little Edie of Grey Gardens

Maysles Films Inc.

Iconiclinx is honored to be the exclusive licensing agent to Maysles Films, Inc.(MFI), a film production company and catalog which holds the rare distinction of being actively in business for over 55 years. Started by brothers Albert and David Maysles, pioneers of the film movement Direct Cinema, Maysles Films is now run by Albert’s daughter, Rebekah Maysles, filmmaker and artist.

Content is available for all forms of media licensing from such iconic films as, Gimme Shelter, Salesman and Grey Gardens, as well as a selection of other titles. Licensing clips into new forms of media by a current generation directors, artists and brands, keeps the Maysles legacy alive in the public consciousness and encouragares viewership of the original documentary masterpieces. In the decade that Iconiclinx has represented MFI, the archive has earned close to a quarter million dollars in revenue.

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