About Iconiclinx

Iconiclinx is a business development consultantship to organizations, artists and professionals seeking to implement revenue-generating business solutions.  The company specializes in expert business development strategies. We work with our clients to build earnings pipelines, assuring present and future sustainability. Our proficiency in creating community engagement and outreach program design, as well as goal-driven brand extension licensing deals, all aid in ensuring solid success.

Business Development

So often personal brands and organizations overlook the actions that nurture long-term value. Iconiclinx works with you to find the methods that secure the financial sustainability of your business. This can be realized through strategic partnerships, special event strategy and revenue pathways that fit your goals and identity.


In addition to business development, the company specializes in branding. Iconiclinx has a passion for non-fiction and ethnographic storytelling and a particular skill for uncovering the intersections of art and craftsmanship. Because we value cultural authenticity and seek opportunities to participate in its preservation and innovation, we provide collaborative strategies that empower and transform our clients by effectively communicating  their objectives and uniqueness while building a recognizable character in the marketplace. Whether building an institution or building a personal brand, we are a vital component to evolving your brand voice and heritage.

Product and Media Licensing Expertise

Licensing serves as an essential part of a brand identity, integral to marketing efforts that increase brand loyalty through audience and consumer engagement. In the case of nonprofit organizations, it is an opportunity to fashion achievable results that link a recognizable identity with its value by providing the marketplace with a promotable product to increase audience and social media viewership.  In all business models, licensing creates additional revenue streams.

Iconiclinx understands that because each client is unique, the market opportunities are limitless. We support our clients in building plans that will be in alignment with their values and trademark, while considering their company’s essence, legacy and prominence.

Creative Community Engagement & Outreach

Genuine rapport with an audience or community that increases understanding and attracts beneficial relationships are critical to supporting company growth and measurable gains. Iconiclinx collaborates with you to establish curatorial programmatic plans that invite the public into your world through social media, sponsorships, online experiences and live events.